LEED AP Certification

To truly be considered an eco-friendly cleaning solution, a janitorial company must have a LEED AP (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design Accredited Professional) on staff.  Lucky for you, by having a LEED-AP, you can be certain that we are knowledgeable in the most current green commercial cleaning services. We will be able to advance your company into a more eco-friendly standing.


We use environmentally friendly cleaning products by Active Ion Systems, supply compostable trash liners, and can even replace your paper towels with state-of-the-art hand dryers. Your building can acquire up to 40 percent of the points needed for LEED certification just by using the cleaning services that Maintenance Systems Management, Inc. provides, so call us today and start taking a step in the GREEN direction. We offer services in San Francisco, SF Bay Area, and the surrounding areas.

MSM Services Mid Sized Companies

Not all companies are big enough to need a maintenance staff and some are so large that they employ their own maintenance team, but for those in the middle, there is Maintenance Systems Management.  We are one of the San Francisco Bay Area’s leading providers of contract custodial, janitorial and maintenance services that help mid sized companies.


Whether it is a single office space or a multi-tenant office building, we have you covered. We focus on retail businesses, car dealerships, restaurants, tech companies, banks and so much more. We know each business is unique so we tailor our services to meet your needs.  Contact us today and set up your tailored commercial cleaning service.

Consistency, Accountability and Peace of Mind


MSM’s employee turnover rate is low. Whoever cleaned your building last time is most likely the person who is cleaning it next time and will probably be handling the job for a long time into the future. This consistency allows you to get the best service possible because you will have a specialist who knows your office and the cleaning service that it entails.



Employees of MSM know what is expected of them each and every day they come to your business.  A maintenance plan will be in place and the janitorial cleaning services you require will be completed to the best of our ability. This accountability on our part lets you focus on your business.


Peace of Mind:

Running a business is a lot to handle, so anything that can be delegated out lightens the load. By allowing MSM to handle your commercial cleaning services you can be certain that the job is done right, done on time, and done with the same amount of care as if you had done it yourself.  We will strive to not only meet your expectations, but hopefully exceed them as well. At the end of the day everyone deserves a little peace of mind.