Do your homework: Who are you are buying for. Find out what they like and/or enjoy. If you but a gift card, ensure that it is from a place the frequent or shop often.

Thoughtful gifts: After all, it’s the thought that counts. Right? What carries a lot of weight is the selection of a thoughtful gift. There is no such thing as a small gift.  Think about ideas concerning past conversations or experiences with that person.

Remove the price tag: You should take that price tag off. It doesn’t matter for anyone to know how much that gift cost you. A gift receipt is the best way to offer them the chance to return someone they may not need, nor desire. Letting them know the price defeats the purpose

Write a thank you note: Write a personal thank you note for any gift you receive. It’s important that you say, “thank you” to anyone that takes the time and consideration to give you something. Show the person the appreciation you have. Even if it is a gift you do not care for.

Donate your time:  Help someone by taking the time to help those in need. It could mean the world to someone.  Take them to their doctor’s appointment, run to the store for them, watch the children and give them some time to themselves. These are small gestures they might appreciate.

Make them a gift:  Try making something special for someone. Make a floral bouquet, or knit them a scarf, make some handmade jewelry and use any skills you may have to create a gift for someone. It is not only thoughtful, but comes from the heart.

No Alcohol:  Be careful when gifting alcohol. It used to be a common thing but with today’s society, chronic abuse may go undetected, Ensure you’re not enabling a problem and make sure you know the person.

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