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A letter from the owner

Hi there,

As the president, and owner of Maintenance Systems Management, Inc., thank you for visiting our website and I want to personally welcome you to the fresh start you are looking for.

Congratulations on taking the first step to improving your workspace, business, or office cleaning environment

I can take a well-educated guess that you are tired of previous janitorial services that switch janitorial crews over-and-over again without notice? And you most likely are not receiving the same service you were promised from the start. The ongoing quality control issues, missed cleanings, inconsistencies with the service and the mishandling of your janitorial supplies are issues you’d like to see go away.

It’s literally draining…

By maintaining a quality program that ensures better communication, less worry, and less hands on “baby-sitting” of your janitorial crew, you could have those exhausting situations disappear. Let us take those worries away from you.

If you have feedback for our team we’re on it fast and efficiently.

As an example, our 24-hour customer service hotline allows you to speak directly to our customer service agent at any time, 24/7. Messages are relayed directly to the on-site supervisor via text message and I subsequently receive a follow-up email where he can ensure the team is responding promptly to any request you may have. Your messages for each site janitor, supply orders, and reporting of any problems on-site, are all automatically sent to the on-site janitor directly.

No misunderstandings as we make it easy for you…

Are you concerned that your current cleaning company has most likely, forgotten about you since you signed your service contract? If so, we will be there for you and keep you up-to-date and you won’t be disappointed.

A company that manages your current issues and requests.

If you’re anything like most of our clients, you’d prefer a better approach with someone who cares about your company’s appearance. We offer that to you with our personal approach here at MSM, Inc.

I look forward to helping you receive what you expect. Hopefully, we will meet and talk soon!


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