First Impressions For Your Business Are Important

First Impressions For Your Business Are Important

We all agree in many circumstances first impressions matter. Whether we dress up professionally for a job interview or presentation, or when a business puts all the effort for a good decoration design, or how confident we are to close a deal, or in any other reasons when we need to cause a good impression. However, it is easy to forget how it important is to create first impressions on a everyday basis. Many companies get overwhelmed to handle cleaning duties in addition to their operational tasks which affects the appearance of their installations.

We recommend facilities managers to look into these areas to generate great first impressions in their companies.

Front Building and Surrounding Areas: The front building and the surrounding areas will be the face of your business. Make sure glass windows are clear of outside debris and birds waste. Also, clean sidewalks encourage customers to visit the store or offices. Sometimes it’s not enough to sweep, but a regular powerwash will help to get rid of sticky trash making your sidewalk cleaner. Do not rely on municipalities services in which most cases are very limited.

Front Desk and Common Areas: If the front building is the face of the business, the front desk is the body of your business. The front desk will be the first thing a client will see when they walk-in to the building. Make a policy for front desk staff to keep their spaces clean and clear at at all times. Check that the pathways to the offices look clean and not obstructed by objects; don’t forget that the interior of elevators are mopped and polished. Stairs should be cleared of debris, not only looking clean, but as a safety measure.

Carpets: Carpets are an easy way to spot how often and the commitment to attention to detail of businesses for cleaning. One time I was visiting a high-end store and one of the customers mentioned how he remembered to locate an item from a stain in the carpet. The manager was very embarrassed how the customer remembered the same stain for many months when visiting the store.

professional carpet cleaner will create treatments for your carpet and come up with a plan to treat carpets consistently and extend the life of them.

Lesson learned from our experience is customers and clients always observe your store or office and they judge by it.

Restrooms: Restrooms areas are the most obvious way for customers and clients to judge when a business keep their premises clean. By the nature of these areas and depending on traffic, restrooms could be very hard to maintain, and not an easy task for your regular employees. It is here where professional cleaners step in for adequate maintenance like disinfection, sanitization, constant cleaning of floors, toilets, urinals, stalls, and more as an example.

A well cleaned and organized building will show clients and customers how your company conduct business on an everyday basis starting with the cleanliness of your company’s building based on how clean it looks that day.

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