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San Francisco Commercial Cleaning

We help you achieve a greener, healthier environment for commercial buildings and office spaces.


Concerns about bacterial and viral infections mean all cleaning should be thoroughly antimicrobial. We strive to provide a service that always is. We provide the most thorough cleaning services around, and your health and peace of mind are important to us.

Antimicrobial Cleaning

In addition to performing antimicrobial cleaning, our janitors use allergen-free cleaning products whenever possible to ensure your employees or customers aren’t exposed to residues that could cause reactions. Using different colored cleaning cloth’s esures cross contamination is not an issue.

Electric Hand Dryers

We can reduce your carbon footprint by replacing paper towel dispensers in restrooms with state-of-the-art hand dryers. Electric hand dryers reduce the solid waste generated by paper towels, and they save energy.

Installing electric hand dryers can have a significant impact on the environment. In addition, they do not require re-filling or ordering of supplies.

Rapid Restroom Cleaning

Rapid Restroom Cleaning is a proven chemical free system to clean restrooms using a Kai Vac No-touch Cleaning system. At MSM, we offer an option for large restroom facilities and you may qualify to have this system ordered and assigned to your facility.

Excellent cleaning can be achieved to a high level of “Green” with the systems soil elimination process


Is the environment important to you and your company? Have you been looking for ways to make your business or facility “greener”? We partner with several green-supportive suppliers to help our clients do their part for the planet and their environment.

Green Cleaning Solutions

We can eliminate the need for harsh cleaning chemicals by instituting proactive and preventive solutions such as EIP Microbial Solutions. These products help remove contaminants and provide you with a clean and healthy building.

Often, sick building syndrome is severely underestimated, but it has been shown that infestations of biological pests contribute to the overall health and well-being of the building’s occupants.

Eliminating these contaminates ensures all building occupants enjoy a safe, happy, and healthy environment.

Compostable Trash Liners

We can supply compostable trash liners in place of plastic liners from leading manufacturers such as Natur-Tec®. Biodegradable trash can liners are just as strong as most common trash bin liners but are sustainable.

These bags are bio-degradable and there are no plastics. Available in different sizes so to fit all size containers.

The Zero Waste Box™

When you see this box at our location, you know that you are now working to keep hard-to-recycle waste out of landfills. Read the front of each box to see which waste streams we are currently recycling.

Working Together

We can’t do it alone, with your help we can take our green initiatives and recycling efforts one step further.

The Recycling Process

MSM has teamed with TerraCycle®, an innovative recycling company, takes the waste you collect in our Zero Waste Box and turns it into recycled products.

Green Seal Certified Products

MSM offers a large selection of Green Seal certified commodities to your office for thorough cleaning of restrooms, common areas, kitchens, and all of your facility maintenance needs.

Become a LEED-certified Building

Are you invested in becoming a LEED-certified building? We can help. We can help you take the steps to becoming LEED-certified. We have the tools and the knowledge when it comes to LEED-certification can help your building acquire up to 40 percent of the points you need to obtain certification.

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