Happy New Year

2018 Resolution #1-

  • Wake up earlier – Wake up and do some exercising first thing in the morning. Just walk if you’re lazy. Try it for a minimum of three weeks (21 days) and it will become more of a habit and there is no extra work required.

2018 Resolution #2

  • Meditate – Start your day in the best way possible…meditate. To be successful as a person, you must maintain a high concentration level with a single goal in mind. To me, meditation should be included each day so you’ll have a fresh, clear mind throughout the day. Try two times a day for 20-minutes for the best effect.

2018 Resolution #3

  • Get to the bed early– To keep active, a good nights’ sleep is a must. We need a minimum of 6-7 hours sleep to remain alert and active each day. Late night parties and activities are for the young. Make it a habit to go to bed nightly before 10:00 PM.

2018 Resolution #4

  • Lower Calorie consumption– A good diet determines your health. If you consumed a large amount of calories in 2017 then resolve yourself to a 2018 resolution to “not” eat high calorie foods. Eat and then maintain a lower calorie intake and you’ll see a difference.

2018 Resolution #5

  • Learn Something new everyday– To be in a better position for 2018, try to learn a new task, a new formula, or a new word in a different language each day. At least “one” of the previous every day. Try and make this the best resolution of the year.

2018 Resolution #6

  • Books, Books, Books…Read more– Reading 30 minutes a day will allow you to complete and entire book, or more a month. Try this at the start of the year as your first resolution of 2018 and see the changes.

2018 Resolution #7

  • Make a business plan– Have an executable pre-defined plan for any business. Make it before you start a new business. Lowering the probability of failure and increasing profitability will surely come with a good plan.

2018 Resolution #8-

  • Take a vacation…or two– Stress release can be the best benefit of traveling. Each month, go somewhere new, it doesn’t have to be far just different than the norm.. Learn something new to implement in your company by meeting new people. Introduce yourself and ask questions of those you see on your visit.

2018 Resolution #9-

  • Start a new savings account– Stop wasting money and reduce some spending. Eliminate the coffee purchase in the morning, no fancy lunches each day, look at your credit card statement and ask what can be reduced or stopped and most of all stop, or reduce drinking.

2018 Resolution #10-

  • Investment learning– Invest your money wisely and learn about where the money goes and most of all, where it should go. Learn more about investing and how to make a profit from it.

Aside from the ten resolutions listed above, here are a few more that if repeated regularly, you’ll find an easier path to achieve your goals, feel better about yourself and win! Win everyday.

  • Quit, or drink in moderation
  • Add more to your savings
  • Learn a different language
  • Learn a new skill
  • Rescue a new pet
  • Take a cooking class
  • Be on time… always!
  • Get better quality sleep
  • Reduce the TV watching
  • Find someone to share your life with.
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