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Rick Davis joined Maintenance Systems Management, Inc. in 2003 as an Inside Sales team member and quickly became very successful in helping the company’s sales teams meet their goals and attain new customers. He was awarded numerous company award and certificates of excellence.

After his first year, he then moved to outside sales within the corporation. After personally meeting with numerous small business owners and their representatives throughout the entire Bay Area, he became very successful and attentive to the difficulties associated with service for companies, like yours, and he helped ease their feeling of being stuck with poor customer service. He removed their doubt of improvements on the cleaning service they currently had. He literally helped change their janitorial experience. They saw his dedication. He maintains many of those relationships as customers today as he built his small clientele into one of the most successful sales team within the business. He worked hard from the day he started to connect with clients and helped strengthen the reputation of the company. In 2015, Rick purchased the corporation and took it further than it had been since its inception in 1989.

Since, he has motivated the entire team to help janitors establish cleaning procedures for businesses, and then took care of our business each day – they meet with and talk to prospective customers, handle current client requests and help develop quotes, agreements, assign janitorial crews, develop invoicing and cleaning procedures, adhere to janitor compliance requirements – you name it! This team, under Rick’s direction, has learned as much as they could about our client’s business. They do it all and work as a cohesive team.

Today, we direct a conscientious team of dedicated personnel who provide first class service to our businesses every day of the year. Yet, even with the incredible success for Maintenance Systems Management, Rick doesn’t rest on his laurels. He’s the head of a team of dedicated salespersons, office staff, and a well-organized marketing and janitorial teams. We take our business personal and will offer you the personal service you deserve so you can focus on what YOU do best.

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