Selecting the best janitorial provider for your company

Selecting the best janitorial provider for your company

As in any business, you realize that the cleaning and maintenance duties needs to be taken off your back or from your employees which at some point has affected your company’s productivity. Either way if it would be your first time looking for a janitorial company, or if you have contracted services and had bad experiences. There are a few points to consider when selecting the right janitorial company for your company. 

  • Bonded & Insured: As a business owner or manager, you know how the important it is that a janitorial contractor has the correct business license, commercial liability insurance and worker’s compensation. It doesn’t matter how small the task is, or how small the contractor is, a respected and professional company should keep these requirements up to date.
  • Experience & Professionalism: We have seen many janitorial companies come and go because they do not fully understand the needs of their clients. A janitorial company should be knowledgeable of how the industry works and show an interest of the changes in the cleaning technology. Not only that, a janitorial company should be a leader of…..

    promoting healthy cleaning techniques

    for their workers and the clients.

  • Trained Staff: Similar, with the experience, the right janitorial company should commit to on-going training of their workers on standards and regulations of the industry, and how their staff is qualified to perform the tasks needed.
  • Quality & Services: Research the company’s reviews from different sources. Experienced janitorial companies will evaluate your janitorial needs and design a daily, weekly or monthly plans. One important factor to consider is how reliable they are for last minute calls, how they respond to emergencies, and how their quality control approach is. Lastly, review the complete list of services offered, and although you may have specific needs in minds, it’s always good to know what integrated services a janitorial company offers in case you might need them in the future.     

Shopping for the right janitorial company might be stressing, but Maintenance Systems Management, Inc is here to help you to answer your questions about us, our evaluation process, our quality control, and any other questions. 

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