You know that working hard, staying focused and dealing with the constant barrage of questions during the day can lead to headaches, upset stomach and just having that overall feeling of helplessness. We all know the daily grind, pressures, and lack of sleep all lead to you feeling the pinch and strain during a long day. I’m right there with you.

It’s time to look after your health as this is the number one goal you should consistently strive for.

Here are some great-tips on how to feel “less stressed” at work that can make you feel better about the day.

Change the way you eat.

Add foods that are higher in magnesium and calcium. This will relax the muscles, lessen headaches and you’ll get a better night’s sleep.  Limit the selection of foods you eat by reducing the amount of ingredients in the package, especially those made in a laboratory and not grown from the beneath the soil. If I said that chocolate would help, then there is no excuse, is there?


Get up and Move More!

Makes sense but we tend to disregard the obvious. Taking a walk, enroll in a yoga, ZUMBA, or any other high energy aerobics class will help. Select something you’ll enjoy, get some fresh air, breathe…in through the nose, out through the mouth. Yoga instructors are great at directing that place where the tension will disappear.


Learn how to say No… 

There’s a saying we have all come to know. ”Don’t text and Drive” This is the same concept when it comes to completing a task. Don’t get distracted by doing something you are in-the-midst of at the time. It can wait and why not “say no” to a request, let the phone go to voice mail, don’t respond to that “instant message” or do not check the work emails on your off time. Enjoy the family, your personal time is important. Set some boundaries for yourself. So, just try to make a better habit of completing the task, and saying no. Especially when you are engrossed in a project. Don’t feel bad and agree to something you just don’t have time for.


Don’t be so hard on yourself.

Back to breathing…. Breathe during the day. Sit back, close the eyes for a few minutes, breathe in, breathe out and take some time to relax. Leave the office for at least 10-15 minutes each day. Go get that massage after work, or have a weekend spa trip. Have a “date night” with your spouse or significant other and let go of the work for the day.


Let us take the responsibility of cleaning from you.  

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