It’s the little things…

Cleaning the office clean is a huge job, however there are simpler steps to ensure the smaller things are taken care of. Leave the bigger steps to the cleaning professionals like Maintenance Systems Management, Inc.

  1. It’s important to remind employees throughout the year to wash their hands on a regular basis, especially during the winter months.
  2. Ensure sick day policies are enforced and do not have the employee with symptoms of a cold spread those around to most of the office workforce.
  3. Knowledge of specialized procedures and having the PROPER tools to clean properly should always be kept in mind, and the best commercial cleaning company to do both is Maintenance Systems Management, Inc.

Here are some of the larger items to look at this winter:

  1. Entryways – Have a heavy duty spare entrance way rug to use when the original is being left to dry after cleaning those muddy footsteps being brought in each day from the rain.
  2. It’s important to dust on a more frequent basis so these particles don’t float around and get in the air you breathe. Air, cannot be cleaned but you can control the amount of pollutants floating around.
  3. Disinfect those more frequently shared areas such as restrooms and kitchens. Deep cleanings during the winter will help control the germs and other toxins. Spraying and wiping door handles, horizontal surfaces, conference tables and most importantly, the phones themselves. This will help you be well on your way to a safe and cleaner winter season.
  4. Vents and air ducts – It’s always a good idea to have those blinds, air ducts and ceiling vents checked for dust removal and cleanliness.

Interested in learning more about sanitation and cleaning of your office, please call Maintenance Systems Management, Inc. and we will be happy to stop by, look things over and offer you an affordable, professional and thorough quote for your office. Call us today 415 920-3840, or click the link below…


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